As an official Cyber Essentials Certification Body, we know how difficult the assessment process can be…



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CertOS™ has been created by assessors for assessors, and it focuses on solving the real problems we routinely encountered while marking assessments. These include having to send the entire question set back to a customer when there is an error and having to cross-reference answers to the marking guide either by looking at a hard copy of guidance or having pages open on multiple screens.

With CertOS™ we incorporate the marking guide next to the customer’s answers, all on the same page, making it easier to evaluate. Responses that need clarification are the only ones sent back to the customer. In addition, instructions for the customer appear next to each question in plain English with possible examples of answers so they understand exactly what they are being asked and questions are grouped and numbered under their main subject headings.

We care about driving Cyber Essentials forward and championing SMEs. That’s why we are providing access to this portal so we can work together to make a safer digital society.

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